The Best One-Term US Presidents

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Presidents of the United States of America who served just one full term. Upvote those you think did the best job.

It's time to upvote the US presidents you thought did the most with their one term as leader of the free world. In some ways, four years is a long time to prove yourself as a good Commander in Chief, but on the other hand, it is hard to enact real, visible change throughout the entire country in such a short time. It becomes easy for challengers, like Bill Clinton beating incumbent George H. W. Bush, to ask Americans, "Are you better of now than you were four years ago?" But which on this list of one term presidents made the most of those four years of government leadership at the highest level?

These one-term presidents range from John Adams to Jimmy Carter, the latter of whom lost his second shot at the presidency to Ronald Reagan. These politicians and presidents show that America does not always re-elect the incumbent. For instance, leaders like James K. Polk and Rutherford B. Hayes were limited to a single lonely term as President of the United States of America.

How many one term presidents have served the United States of America? Just 13 so far and they're all on this list of American presidents who were only in office for one solitary term. Vote up those who served America best over that one term and check out the US presidents who were lucky enough to serve two terms as well!

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