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15 Times Anime Characters Were An Unstoppable One-Man Army

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One way to showcase how awesome an anime character is is to show them taking on a huge group of opponents in battle. Win or lose, it's still exciting to see a character persevere despite extremely long odds. Let's get pumped by checking out some of these awesome one vs many anime fights.

The first such fight to come to many anime fans is when a newly revived Madara Uchiha annihilates the Shinobi Alliance without breaking a sweat in Naruto. A lesser-known example is from Inuyashiki, a show in which an elderly man with the body of a superpowered cyborg takes on the yakuza to save a kidnapped girl. 

Which of these fights gets your blood pumping?

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    The Shinobi Alliance Is A Joke To Madara Uchiha In 'Naruto'

    It's not for nothing that Madara is considered one of the greatest shinobi of all time. After Madara is resurrected, he immediately turns into a walking destruction machine, blasting members of the Shinobi Alliance with everything from fists and fireballs to complex Mangekyo Sharingan techniques.

    He's also totally immune to ninjutsu and genjutsu in this state, so the only person who can hope to take him on is taijutsu master, Gai. 

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    Luffy Eliminates 50,000 Fishmen In 'One Piece' 

    Luffy gets infinitely more powerful after learning Haki, and he puts his strength on full display during his showdown on Fishman Island. In order to free the island from the clutches of Hody Jones, he's forced to do battle with 100,000 of Jones' Fishmen allies.

    This might seem like a totally impossible task, but Luffy manages to fell 50,000 of them in one shot by using his Conqueror's Haki. He could have easily destroyed the other half, but ended up sparing them for the heck of it. 

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    Erza Scarlet Takes Out 100 Monsters In 'Fairy Tail'

    During the Grand Magic Games there's an event called Pandemonium in which each Guild has to choose a single person to represent them in battle. Erza Scarlet steps up and fights all 100 monsters. The battle starts off with D-Class monsters, which she easily defeats by switching out armor and using attacks like Blumenblatt. The battle gets tougher when she has to face C, B, A, and even S class monsters, but she emerges victorious despite the challenge. 

    Though her team can't stop cheering and congratulating her, Erza's main concern is that the fight took longer than she intended.

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    King Bradley Stops The Rebels In Their Tracks In 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood'

    After apparently passing away, King Bradley makes a dramatic return to Central just as the Rebels are finally about to seize control. After chiding the army for devolving into chaos during his absence, he unleashes his, er, wrath, on any Rebel unlucky enough to get in his way. He doesn't just slice up his opponents with a pair of swords, he even destroys a freakin' tank. This is one homunculus you do not want to mess with. 

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