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14 Movies Where A Normal Night Spirals Out Of Control

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We've all had a night where everything just kind of gets completely out of hand. Alas, few among us can live up to the insanity that happens in Hollywood's various "one crazy night" movies. These aren't your typical night-out kind of flicks... no, we're talking about the films where s**t really does hit the fan in a major way. Films like Game Night, where a series of twists ends up giving a group of friends a harrowing night they'll never forget. Or maybe The World's End, where old high school buddies try to recreate a bar crawl only to discover an alien plan to assimilate humanity into an intergalactic ecosystem. Collateral is another good example, seeing as a normal cab driver ends up killing a hitman in a standoff after agreeing to drive him around for $600.

After all, if these films were about your average, everyday kind of night, they wouldn't be memorable in the first place. In Tinseltown, a lot can happen in a short amount of time.

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    How The Night Begins: A cadre of college kids heads out to a cabin for a weekend getaway. Just your average, early-20s hijinks kind of plan.

    Where The Chaos Starts: Unfortunately for our heroes, they are meant to be a sacrifice to appease the "Ancient Ones" and save all of humanity from destruction. A group of lab technicians subtly influences the crew into being used in a yearly ritual based on the classic slasher film archetypes everyone knows: jock, nerd, floozy, idiot, and virgin.

    Wildest Moment: Near the end of the film, the group's two survivors, Dana and Marty, find a hidden elevator in the cabin and descend into the mysterious facility where a bunch of horrific monsters are being held. The pair end up unleashing all of them on the lab's employees, causing a gruesome slaughter.

    How The Night Ends: Dana refuses to sacrifice Marty to save humanity, and the Ancient Ones emerge from beneath the Earth's crust to wipe out everyone on the planet. Yay!

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    The World's End

    How The Night Begins: The group of childhood friends that make up the main cast of The World's End doesn't set out to have a necessarily normal night, but they undoubtedly get more than they bargained for. The crew sets out to recreate a bar crawl they attempted 23 years earlier.

    Where The Chaos Starts: The crew's de facto leader, Gary, gets into a scuffle with a teenager and accidentally knocks his head off, exposing the kid as an android with blue blood. Yes, an android. And it turns out the entire small town they are running around in is filled with androids.

    Wildest Moment: Gary gets into an argument with an alien entity that turns out to be responsible for the androids, as well as most of the rapid, ever-escalating advancements in recent human history. The entity, known only as "the Network," abandons Earth and causes a worldwide technological disaster that wipes out much of humanity's infrastructure.

    How The Night Ends: The group readjusts to their new realities, and Gary, always wanting to relive his youth, starts hanging with a group of androids that resemble his friends when they were in high school.

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  • How The Night Begins: Two geeky high schoolers, Seth and Evan, get invited to a party being thrown by Emma Stone's Jules. And what, would you not wanna go hang out with Emma Stone? She seems really nice! Jonah Hill's Seth promises to get alcohol for the party, which seems like a bold promise considering he's underage...

    Where The Chaos Starts: Everything goes off the rails in various ways when Seth, Evan, and their buddy Fogell try to get alcohol with Fogell's fake ID that claims he is a 25-year-old man from Hawaii named McLovin.

    Wildest Moment: Without a doubt, the craziest thing that happens in Superbad is when Bill Hader and Seth Rogen's police officers torch their car with a Molotov cocktail and let Fogell shoot it with Hader's police-issued gun.

    How The Night Ends: Seth and Evan's wild evening ends with the pair having a cute reconciliation in Evan's basement before falling asleep.

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  • How The Night Begins: How else could this movie start if not for some good, old-fashioned babysitting? Elisabeth Shue's Chris agrees to babysit the Anderson kids and, when doing so, receives a phone call from her distressed friend Brenda wanting to be picked up in downtown Chicago. Chris obliges, taking her young charges along for the ride.

    Where The Chaos Starts: A simple flat tire turns the night from a simple one into one Chris and company will never forget. 

    Wildest Moment: Having a truck driver shoot out the windshield of their station wagon seems like it would be the wildest moment, but it actually happens to be when the kids get pulled onstage to sing at a blues club. Just your typical crew of four white '80s kids singing the blues for a bunch of adults!

    How The Night Ends: Chris and the kids manage to get home and clean up just in time for the Andersons to arrive back from their night out none the wiser. It is a scene extremely reminiscent of the finale of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, which came out a year earlier and rocked the box office.

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