The Sickest Burns from Online Dating Sites

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If you're as frustrated with the dating scene as most single people, you've probably considered dipping your toe in the scary ocean that is online dating. Dating sites come in all shapes and sizes - from ones built exclusively for dog lovers to others meant for hook ups with sexy farmers. But one thing is universal: there will always be gross creepers who try to get into your pants by saying something disgusting. If you're going to survive all that Tinder swiping, you'll need to be well-versed in online dating burns. This list can help.

Before you start chatting up random people online, read through list list of online dating insults so you'll know exactly how to shut down even the creepiest of online pervs. They'll help you handle everything from awkward pick-up lines to unwelcome sexual advances, and even the grandfather of all online dating disasters: the shameless dick pic.

Don't let those dating sins get the best of you! This list of the best insults from online dating sites will help you refine your e-romance skills and prove that although creepers are definitely among us, there's no need to be a victim.