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Online Gamers Share Their Terrifying Stories That Will Make You Rethink Gaming Alone

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Vote up the most "nope" online gaming story that has you rethinking playing alone... ever.

Sometimes, the scariest online games aren't frightening because of what's onscreen, but because of what's lurking behind it. These unsettling encounters result in some truly creepy gamer stories.

Glitches, ghosts in the code, gamers who creep a little too literally - the programmed night is dark and full of terror. You might have played some of the scariest games, battled the most fearsome monsters, survived the most dreadful campaigns of terror (or perhaps did NOT survive), but what about when the world doesn't stop at your thumbs? What about the horrors of interconnectivity? What about when virtual things get a little too real?

Spanning the gamut from mildly unsettling to bonafide creepypasta, scary online gaming stories are a-plenty in this modern age of MMOs. Gather 'round the pixel campfire and read on as players recount the freaky things that have happened while playing online games.