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The Greatest Anime Characters Who Are Only Children

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Forget siblings, because these characters don't need a brother or sister to be awesome. Below we rank our favorite only child characters in anime, with the help of your votes. Sure there are plenty of great brotherly and sisterly bonds in anime, but have you ever wondered which anime characters are only children? We've rounded up some of the most notable examples for this poll, including characters from every demographic and genre of anime. Have you ever realized that Ash from Pokemon is an only child? What about Ed from Cowboy Bebop? It's not something you think about often, especially since sibling relationships in anime is such a major theme that runs throughout almost every show.

Who is your character in anime that doesn't have siblings? Let us know by voting up your favorites on the poll below. You can also add characters to the list, so feel free to do that as long as you know for certain that the chracter doesn't have any brothers or sisters.
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