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College & Professional Athletes Who Are Openly Gay

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List RulesOnly openly LGBT people who are involved in sports should be on this list. No closested or suspected LGBT people

List of openly gay athletes involved in both professional and college sports. This list includes athletes who have "come out" during their active play and athletes who have come out as gay after retirement.

Many of the people on this list probably aren't too familiar since few, if any, are active athletes. In 2013, Jason Collins made history as the first active "Big 4" athlete in American sports to announce he is gay. Before Collins, soccer player Robbie Rogers announced he is homosexual. After taking some time off, Rogers signed with the L.A. Galaxy and currently is on the team's roster. Two of the most famous openly lesbian athletes were two of tennis's best female players of all time: Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova. Both of these women are among the most recognized tennis players in the game's illustrious history and have done a lot in raising awareness for LGBT athletes. 

Globally, there are a bunch of Olympic athletes on this list. From openly gay soccer players to famous gay sports stars, some of the people on this list aren't households names, but they are definitely making history. Check out this list of all the openly gay athletes in the world.
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