Weird History

Operation Paperclip: The Covert Project That Welcomed Nazis Into America With Open Arms

When WWII ended, the United States government decided that it hated communism more than it hated Nazis — the US' enemy during the war. Many leaders abhorred the thought of communist countries recruiting Third Reich scientists for their own designs. Thus, Operation Paperclip was started to bring in any former Third Reich scientist it could find. America wanted to ensure the advanced military technology the WWII Germany scientists had developed would not fall into Soviet hands. 

The secret intelligence program was run by the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency and brought more than 1,600 Nazi scientists (and their families) to America. With them came rocket systems like the V-2, which was developed to terror bomb London during the war. They also brought research and knowledge about jet aircraft technology, chemical weapons, and biological weapons.

Often, these former followers of Hitler had worked on projects involving human experiments during WWII, using Jewish people and prison laborers as lab rats from various concentration camps. Yet the United States chose to overlook these crimes and even obfuscated the records of these people that were brought into America. To learn more about Operation Paperclip and its impact on US history, read on.