12 Optical Illusions That Look Like They're Moving

Have you ever been staring at one of those crazy moving optical illusions, only to suddenly realize that the image you were looking at was never actually in motion at all? Well, good. Because that it literally the point of optical illusions. To make you see something that isn't actually happening. And they are so much fun! With that in mind, you should check out these trippy optical illusions that might just blow your mind. With fun. Blow your mind with fun.

This is a collection of insanely mind bending optical illusions that look like they're moving, even though none of them actually are. Believe it or not, when you try and peg down just one moving part of any of the following images, you’ll be stunned to find that none of them are actually animated in the slightest but all work due to tricks of light, color, and how certain things are perceived by the eye. Don't believe any of this? Check it out for yourself!