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Optometry Schools from Around the World

Updated November 22, 2019 16.5k views141 items
List of all optometry schools in the US and around the world. These are the notable institutions of learning in the field of optometry, training the next generation of optometrists and professors. Choosing the right accredited optometry program can be a challenge, not only in determining a preferred field of study and planning for a lengthy academic career, but also in terms of choosing a school in the right location, with the right class size and that is going to fit your own personal academic plans. It is also important to check on the optometry school requirements, common optometry program tuition and the difficulty level of this course of study before applying to any programs.

The hope is that this list can help with organization, and seeking out all available high schools, undergraduate programs and post-graduate schools available in a particular field of study. Read on for a full list of institutions offering degrees and doctorates in optometry, and if you find any great schools on the subject not listed, please include them in the comments below.
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