Unspeakable Times

How And Why Two Unhinged Orange County Parents Framed PTA President Kelli Peters

Orange County PTA President and mother, Kelli Peters, was framed in 2011 by two fellow Plaza Vista Elementary School parents in Irvine, California. The parents, Jill and Kent Easter, elaborately schemed against Peters over a small incident at the after school program Peters ran. The Easters' son was late to be picked up one day - he was separated from the other kids while they were lining up to go outside. Though Peters assured them it was a minor mix-up, Jill Easter fixated on the incident.

The Easters then set about making Peters miserable over the course of the next year. They filed phony lawsuits against her and tried to get her fired from her volunteer job at the school. Finally, they resorted to planting marijuana and pain pills in Easter's car and then called the police claiming a parent was seen driving erratically near the school. This led to the Irvine PTA drug-planting case going to trial and every sordid detail of these rich, psycho parents' plan was laid bare.

The Easters' plot against Kelli Peters failed dramatically, leading to jail time for both parents - who eventually divorced. Peters also won a civil suit against the couple who ended up paying her quite a bit of money for the torturous year they put her through. Here are all the nitty gritty details of just how far two crazy parents will go when they feel their child has been maligned.