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'Orange Is The New Black' Characters Out Of Their Prison Jumpsuits

Hit Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black premiered in 2013, and already it seems like the women have been in prison for forever. The ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary must be frustrated and exhausted by their lack of wardrobe choices. Drab prison garb isn't exactly the most fashionable or glamorous attire around. For seasons now, audiences have seen the protagonists dressed from head to toe in the dreariest tans and most phosphorescent oranges. Once in a while, fans get a rare glimpse of the characters in something other than oversized, stain-covered jumpsuits, but those moments are few and far between.

In real life, the Orange Is the New Black actors are much more fashion forward than the characters they play. In fact, most of the cast is quite good at picking out regular clothes, likely to make up for the colorless sweats and tees they're required to wear on set every day. When the Orange Is the New Black cast gets ready for a Hollywood event, they go all out. If you've ever wondered what the OITNB cast looks like outside of Litchfield, prepare to be blown away.

You would never guess it after binge-watching them in beige for 13 hours, but these actors are stunners on the red carpet. Here are pictures of the Orange Is the New Black characters like you've never seen them before: out of their prison jumpsuits. When you're done here, make sure to also head on over to our list of more great shows like Orange is the New Black.