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Orange Is The New Black Fan Theories

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Orange is the New Black fan theories are everywhere. The show is loosely based on Piper Kerman's memoir, Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison, and while the book and the Netflix series share some similarities, they have almost nothing to do with one another anymore. OITNB exhausted all of the storylines from the book during the first season and had to rely entirely on fictitious drama from writers, making it a prime target for fan speculation.

Theories about Orange is the New Black have been popping up since the show started to take on a life of it’s own. Some of them are pretty out there, like the one about Red’s ability to time travel, but some of them actually seem plausible. Suzanne really could have Asperger's.

Who knows what the next season will bring for the ladies of Litchfield? Grab a snack of your choosing from the commissary and check out these crazy OITNB fan theories. Just be careful of spoilers! Don't forget to also check out our list of other great shows like Orange is the New Black!

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    Crazy Eyes Has Asperger's

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    Reddit user littlemissmustache, has a theory about what really cause Suzanne's "crazy eyes." It's possible that Suzanne's strange approach to eye contact stems from Asperger's Syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism spectrum disorder. 

    "It kind of fits: the complete oblivion to social cues (Piper's attempts at rejection, wondering why people call her Crazy Eyes), her speech volume, the outburst in the cafeteria, memorization of Shakespeare, precision when it comes to cleaning, hitting herself after the... Christmas pageant."

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    Healy Is Actually A Jilted Lover

    Orange is the New Black never really explains why prison counselor Sam Healy seems to have a fear and hatred of lesbians but Reddit user Vaguely-witty has a vaguely witty explanation that suggests his first wife left him for a woman. Another user, sandragm, agrees. 

    "That would actually make a lot of sense because his vendetta is otherwise unreasonable. He's not a devout person so his feelings don't really stem from any kind of religious moral grounds. As an insecure man, if he was left for a woman in a past relationship it would certainly explain a lot about his character now."

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    There's A More Plausible Reason Why Bennett Bailed

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    A lot of people were pissed when Bennett bailed on Daya and the baby. Reddit user The Iron Zeppelin has an interesting theory about why Bennett may have left so quickly, though. The user argues that it's far too convenient when Cesar gets busted immediately after he assumes care for the doomed lovers' baby, suggesting that Bennett must have called in a tip to cause the random bust and then bailed to avoid retribution.

    "That way Bennett doesn't have to take on the responsibility of the child and doesn't feel guilty about leaving his daughter behind with Cesar."

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    Poussey's Flashback Is Actually A Glimpse Into The Afterlife

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    Viewers see what appears to be a flashback of a pre-prison Poussey enjoying a night of excitement and freedom with her friends. Reddit user CapnCGSouza thinks that what we perceive to be a flashback is actually a peek into Poussey's afterlife.

    "Most flashback scenes in OITNB normally lead up to some startling revelation about the character's personality, motivations, or current situation. This one didn't... It ends with her staring directly into the camera, something that has never ever happened in the history of the OITNB. She's looking right at you, smiling, letting you know everything is going to be okay... That was a pretty wild night. A lot of amazing things happened to her and it seems like everything she encountered was new and fresh and amazing to her. That seems to me what Poussey's perfect night would ostensibly be."

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