Weird Nature Orangutan Meets Girl Wearing An Orangutan Costume And Can't Stop Staring  

Mick Jacobs

The orangutan in the video below finally meets the twin it never knew it had, and she can't stop staring at them. Well, it's not quite their twin, it's a young girl dressed in an orangutan costume.

But the costume alone keeps the great ape transfixed, staring out from the confines of its zoo enclosure at a human who inexplicably resembles them. All those days sitting in a cage probably gets pretty boring, especially considering how drab people normally look at the zoo.

And as humorous as the orangutan's actions appear, they also reveal the animal's sense of awareness and an ability to detect and digest unnatural stimulus. It highlights an intelligence that reminds everyone that animals can surprise you even from the confines of a cage.

This orangutan knows something is up, and its ability to sense this makes for a spectacle all its own. Watch the video below to see just how surprised this great ape is.