Weirdly Interesting This Is What Happens If You Throw A Sodium Bomb Into A Giant Orbeez Pool  

Mick Jacobs

Kids everywhere are quickly becoming obsessed with Orbeez. The tiny plastic toys are actually superabsorbent polymers that expand in water. They're basically squishy marbles. And, as the video below reveals, they also serve as a fun, albeit explosive, science experiment.

Before becoming a squishy form of entertainment, Orbeez were usually used for commercial purposes. They were used in horticulture and, surprisingly, in personal care products: apparently, diapers and maxi pads are filled with them. 

Once manufacturers added a bit of color, the Orbeez craze took off, with all sorts of vloggers filling their bathtubs and pools with the gelatinous balls. One particular pair of vloggers decided to fill up an inflatable pool with Orbeez and toss in an explosive additive to shake things up. After adding thousands of Orbeez to their pool, the duo then threw in two sodium metal ingots, which explode on contact with water.

When it comes to Orbeez videos, this duo managed to add a few extra sparks to the whole show. Watch and see just how bombastic their experiment gets.