Weird Nature

10 Creepy Crawlers That Govern Our Bodies

If you've ever seen Michael Bay's action-packed flick, Transformers, then you have a pretty good sense of how the microbes in our bodies control us. Think of them as these little nuggets of wisdom - whole cities of them - coming together to ensure that they (and we) have the nutrients and environment needed to survive.

They drive our most basic instincts by manipulating our bodies, our feelings, and our minds. Why? Because they've been here a lot longer than we have and they want to live, too. In fact, "certain intercellular associations are up to 270 million years old!" And the sooner we learn to listen to these little guys, the better off we'll feel, smell, and look. 

What are microbes, anyway? You guessed it! "Microbe" is just a shortened term for microorganism, and these little guys can take the shape of different types of bacteria and fungi - just to name a few. The little creatures living inside us are so tiny that most of them are invisible to the naked eye, and some bug cities are even unique to you and you only.

Bottom line - these little guys outnumber us 10 to 1; the average person's body has 100 trillion microbial cells and only 10 trillion human cells, which can only mean one thing: you're not really all that human at all.