Organizations That Support and Sponsor SOPA

The Stop Online Piracy Act (also known as SOPA, or officially as H.R. 3261) is a piece of legislation that has been introduced in Congress, and has the backing of many companies in the entertainment, media and publishing industries. Though the Act has the stated goal of clamping down on the free distribution of illegally pirated materials (such as films, TV shows and software) on the Internet, many have argued that the final legislation will have an unduly chilling effect on all online communications, even those that do not violate the spirit or letter of copyright law.

For example, the bill allows the Department of Justice and copyright holders to shut down websites accused of enabling or facilitating copyright infringement. Making a website owner responsible for user behavior in this way poses a direct threat to nearly all user-generated websites on the Internet, including sites like Twitter and Reddit. Critics of the bill have also pointed to the bill's potential for violating First Amendment rights, and its opening the door for full-on "censorship" of Internet content by the US government.

This list contains the names of all companies and organizations known to be supporting the Stop Online Piracy Act, and lobbying Congress to see that it passes. A number of groups and online communities have taken up boycotts and protests of these companies based on their position.
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    60 Plus Association

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    Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies

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    American Federation of Musicians

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    American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

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    American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers