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15 Famous Video Game Character That Were Completely Different In The Beginning

Updated September 24, 2019 9.0k views15 items

The video game industry is a treasure trove for iconic character designs. Sonic the Hedgehog, Gordon Freeman, and Master Chief are just some of the brilliantly designed characters that have become pop culture icons since they were first introduced to the gaming world. Many of these classic video game character designs have even been transformed into stunning fan-made cosplays

Some of these video game origins may be surprising. Concept artists rarely - if ever - complete a final design on the first try, and they often find inspiration for video game characters in unexpected places, such as real-life celebrities. Because of these frequent changes, many famous video game characters of today look vastly different from their initial sketches. Take a look at these original designs for famous video game characters, and see how drastically a design can change.