The Original Dragon Ball Is Way Raunchier Than You Remember

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If you grew up with the series, you might remember Dragon Ball as a wholesome show for kids. However, when viewed with mature eyes, things get surprisingly raunchy.

There are tons of dirty Dragon Ball moments that (hopefully) fly over the heads of the show's younger fans. Master Roshi is blatantly forthcoming about his attraction to teenage girls, Goku gropes people without asking permission, and Krillin convinces Roshi to train him by offering up adult magazines. 

Many people consider Dragon Ball one of the quintessential '80s anime, but adult fans should think twice before sharing the series with their kids. If not, there are going to be a whole lot of awkward conversations following the end credits. 

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    Bulma Flashes Master Roshi

    Early on in the series, Bulma needs to get a Dragon Ball from Master Roshi, but he'll only part with it if she'll show him her panties. She agrees to lift her skirt, but forgets she isn't wearing underwear.

    Upon seeing Bulma naked, Master Roshi's nose starts gushing blood. He mutters something about how he's been blinded, and it looks as though he might lose consciousness. The Dragon Ball dub censored this scene. 

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    Master Roshi And Oolong Openly Lust After Bulma

    According to Dragon Ball canon, Bulma is a teenager, but that doesn't stop the show's adults from openly drooling over her. Master Roshi and Oolong have no qualms voicing their opinions about her body, and sometimes, both take things way too far. 

    Master Roshi regularly tries to coerce Bulma into offering him sexual favors. When the crew needs Master Roshi to extinguish the flames on Fire Mountain, he says he'll only do so if he can touch Bulma's breasts.

    To get the job done, Oolong transforms into a Bulma lookalike. However, he gets way too invested in having large breasts, and winds up going overboard with the ruse. 

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    Bulma Tries To Seduce Goku

    Bulma is regularly exploited by the show's male cast, but she does occasionally try to seduce others for personal gain. When she wants Goku to give her a Dragon Ball, she lifts her skirt and offers a peek at what's underneath as payment.

    Goku is an oblivious alien child, so his response is "why would I want to see your dirty fanny?" Offended, Bulma calls him a rude little boy, but it's honestly difficult to tell who's worse in this scene. 

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    Master Roshi Makes Goku Bring Him A Hot Woman To Fool Around With

    Before Master Roshi agrees to train Goku, he asks the young hero to go find him an attractive woman. Goku returns with a large woman who fails to entrance Master Roshi, so he's made to try again. The second time around, Goku comes back with a mermaid.

    Master Roshi's bright red face and inner monologue about how he "can still try with her human half" make his lecherous intentions obvious. After he suggests they go inside and learn more about their bodies, she punches him in the face and swims away.

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    Master Roshi Is Bribed With Dirty Magazines

    Master Roshi has a massive collection of adult magazines, and he's often seen enjoying them. There's nothing wrong with having a healthy interest in sex, but it's weird to see an old man's fetishes featured prominently in a kid's show.

    Things gets weirder when Krillin – who is in his early teens – convinces Master Roshi to mentor him by offering the man a particularly salacious magazine. What kind of adult accepts such material from a kid? Also, how long has Krillin been holding on to that magazine? 

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    There Are Countless Panty Jokes

    The first time Goku encounters Bulma, he lifts up her skirt to check if she has a tail, and viewers get a faceful of the poor girl's underwear. This sort of encounter repeats endlessly throughout the series; it's one of Dragon Ball's most well-worn gags. 

    The most aggressively perverted example comes when Bulma uses her panties as a fishing lure to trap Oolong. Bulma's trick works, but afterwards her panties are soaking wet, so Oolong offers to transform into a new pair for her to wear. In response, she rightfully smacks him in the face. 

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