The First Live-Action 'TMNT' Had Some Dark Themes And A Strange Backstory

The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, released in 1990, held a special place in the hearts of so many kids. The film brought the beloved cartoon characters to the big screen for the first time, expanding the franchise beyond the comic book series and animated TV show.

The TMNT franchise continues to attract new fans with additional animated series, toy lines, video games, and movies adding to the legacy. The famous franchise has permeated all aspects of pop culture; there are memes, dirty jokes, and unique fan art. Many interesting TMNT facts exist, but the first movie is still probably the most bonkers thing in the Turtles universe.

Some people might assume it's an innocent children's film, but many aspects of the script, plot, and overall tone make the film much darker than it initially appears.