'Orphan' Is A Forgotten Horror Film That Deserves A Second Chance

You know you're dealing with pure evil when puffy dresses, a child's painting, and a dozen white roses strike fear into your heart. So enters Esther, the star of the movie Orphan, a horror film that's seemingly been forgotten in the decade since its 2009 release. At first glance, it's easy to write off the film as just another evil child horror flick, but on a second watch, you begin to realize that director Jaume Collet-Serra knew how to create the terror of finding out that evil is in your own home.

With plenty of gore, an all-star cast, and the twistiest of twist endings, Orphan really does deserve a second chance. With a prequel reportedly in the works, it's the perfect time to unpack what makes Orphan worth remembering.