The Best Orson Welles Movies

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Over 400 passionate movie lovers have come together to create this ultimate list of the best Orson Welles films. As a pioneer in the art of cinema, Welles left an indelible mark on the industry with his revolutionary techniques and incomparable style. His body of work boasts several timeless classics that continue to mesmerize audiences even today.

As one of the most influential filmmakers in history, Welles' genius is perhaps best embodied by Citizen Kane - a cinematic masterpiece widely regarded as one of the greatest movies ever made. But what about his other works? Where do they stand in comparison?

This ranking is your chance to dive deeper into Welles' filmography and unearth some hidden gems you may have overlooked. From gripping thrillers like Touch of Evil to epic dramas such as Chimes at Midnight, each movie on this list showcases Welles' unparalleled vision and unsurpassed craft.

So whether you're a lifelong fan or just discovering Orson Welles for the first time, join us on this journey through his definitive catalog. And if our choices align with yours or if you feel we've missed out on any favorites, be sure to cast your vote for your top picks.

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