Oscar Categories, Ranked by How Much You Care

Every year during the Oscar broadcast, viewers' interest rises and falls with each new category, as not all Academy Awards categories are created equal. Some draw about as much excitement from the masses as the next commercial break, while others are the most exciting part of the evening. Sure, they're all important and feature men and women at the top of their respective fields, but if you have to take a bathroom break or pay the delivery guy when Best Documentary Short Subject is announced, you probably won't be too worried.

Especially if you're in the film industry, you know how vital all these categories are to the overall finished product of a film, and it can be fun to see costume designers, film editors, and sound engineers have their moment to shine. But they're just not Leonardo DiCaprio.

We've tallied up the full Oscar category list to see just how much you do care about each category. This is a list of every Academy Award categories, from most interesting to biggest snoozes that maybe shouldn't even be part of the main show. With everything from Best Picture to Best Live Action Short, vote up the Oscars categories that mean the most to you - the ones you make sure you don't miss during the live broadcast.

Ranked by
  • Best Picture
    550 votes

    Best Picture

  • Best Director
    449 votes

    Best Director

  • Best Actor in a Leading Role
    507 votes

    Best Actor in a Leading Role

  • Best Actress in a Leading Role
    523 votes

    Best Actress in a Leading Role

  • Best Writing (Original Screenplay)
    405 votes

    Best Writing (Original Screenplay)

  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role
    399 votes

    Best Actress in a Supporting Role