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Oscar-Nominated Actors Who Also Played Comic Book Characters

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List RulesOscar-nominated AND played a comic or graphic novel-based character. Vote up the best comic character performance.

List of Oscar-nominated actors who also played a comic book character. Academy Award nominees and Oscar winners who appeared in comic based movies. The actors listed had to both play a comic based character AND be nominated for an Academy Award at some point in their career. The award does not have to be for the same role. (There are only a handful of people who have achieved that honor.) The Oscar has to be for an acting role. Writing, directing, etc does not count. (Sorry, Danny DeVito and Kris Kristofferson.) The movies are all based on a comic book, comic strip, or a graphic novel. 

These characters may come from the best superhero movies ever made, as well as the worst superhero movies ever made. Other characters come from movies most people do not realize are based on comics/graphic novels. Road to Perdition and History of Violence are based on graphic novels and resulted in Oscar wins. One movie even came from a one-time, 4-page comic that was written as page filler to meet a deadline. 

Check out the list, and vote up your favorite actors who were nominated for Academy Awards for portraying a comic book character.