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Oscar-Nominated Movies with Plot Holes You Can't Unsee

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There’s an unspoken deal between filmmakers and spectators. Filmmakers ask that spectators accept films as make believe and know that in order to get lost in a film world they must agree to some level of suspension of disbelief. Seasoned spectators accept those terms in order to insert themselves into the world created by the filmmakers. However, there are limitations to that deal. Even though an audience is perfectly willing to accept things like a little boy that sees ghosts, or a teenager that can travel to the future in a DeLorean through a wormhole when it hits 88 mph - that doesn’t mean that an audience is willing to overlook parts of the plot that don’t add up. Here are the Oscar-nominated movies with plot holes you can’t un-see.

Yes, there are even plot holes in Academy Award nominated movies. The Matrix is one of the most innovative sci-fi films ever made and its introduction of bullet time technology and a mind-bending plot earned it four Academy Awards, but it’s far from perfect.

It’s easy for a spectator to accept the premise of a dystopian future in which machines hold the bodies of humans captive, while their minds are part of a simulated reality or dream world called the Matrix. But, we can’t ignore the giant plot hole that puts Cypher into the Matrix without the benefit of an operator or with someone there to plug him in. It goes against the narrative rules of the film that have been constructed for the audience, therefore it’s a plot hole that needs to be at the very least brought up for discussion. There are theories out there attempting to explain away this plot hole, but none truly satisfy all the rules previously established by the film.

The Matrix is just one Academy Award film that actually has a slew of plot holes. Check out these other plot holes in great movies and vote up the film plot holes that bother you the most.

  • Film: Terminator 2: Judgment Day

    T2 is often cited as one of the best sequels ever made, some even contend that it's a better movie than the 1984 original. In total, it was nominated for six Academy Awards and took home four Oscars. Even still, you can't ignore this science-based plot hole. The franchise is sure to explain in great detail that only organic material can travel in time (which is why everyone is naked when they time travel to their set destination). So if the T-1000 is composed of liquid metal, then how is it possible that the cyborg is able to travel in time? Liquid metal is obviously not an organic material.
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    • Photo: Titanic

      Film: Titanic

      Titanic is tied with two other films (Ben-Hur and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King) for having the most Academy Award, taking home 11 statues. Additionally, it currently ranks fourth in world wide box office gross. But a question that still-mourning fans ask about Jack's (Leonardo DiCaprio) death is whether or not he could have fit on the door alongside Rose (Kate Winslet), instead of freezing to death in the water.

      Kate Winslet contends that Jack could have been saved. She admitted in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, "I agree, I think he could have actually fit on that bit of door." Jack dying at the end of Titanic is definitely a plot hole. But would the movie have had such an emotional unforgettable impact if he had lived?
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      • Film: Citizen Kane

        Often cited as the best film ever made, Citizen Kane received nine Academy Award nominations, and won the Oscar for Best Writing. The central question asked by a reporter at the beginning of the film is what Charles Foster Kane's dying words, "Rosebud," really meant. The rub is that Kane died all alone; no one was there to hear his dying words.
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        • Film: Edward Scissorhands

          Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands earned an Oscar nod for Best Makeup in 1991. The Fantasy film about a sweet and sensitive man with scissors for hands has one gaping plot hole. Edward (Johnny Depp) gets upset and runs off to the attic where he carves several amazing ice sculptures. One has to wonder, however, how did Edward get all those large, heavy blocks of ice up to the attic?
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