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Actors Who Turned Down Oscar-Winning Roles

Updated 30 Jul 2020 5.6k views16 items

How many times do we hear that an actor "owns" a movie role - that the critics and/or the audience couldn't imagine any other actor playing that specific part? This is often the case when the performance ends up winning an Oscar. But sometimes, the performer who ends up nabbing that Academy Award was not the first choice for the part. There can be any number of reasons why an actor may have rejected a role - anything from not being interested in the part, to having already committed to another film, to personal reasons like wanting to spend more time with their family.

The actor who turns down the role often regrets that decision, especially when the person who is cast goes on to claim Oscar gold.

Here are some notable examples of actors potentially missing the big prize by turning down a gig. Can you imagine them in these parts?

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