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30 Celebrities and Their Lookalikes of Other Races And/Or Ethnicities

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Has anyone ever asked you if you and one of your friends are twins, even though you aren't related at all? Have you ever seen an actor you thought you recognized in a movie, only to find out it was someone else entirely? Genetics are pretty weird and as you’ll see in the following list of celebrity doppelgängers of other races, two completely unrelated people can sometimes look eerily similar, even if they aren't even of the same race. Make sure to also check babies who look like celebrities and the best Instagram celeb lookalikes.

Though some people have pointed to historical doppelgängers as proof of reincarnation or that some celebrities literally never age, some genetic scientists have offered a far more likely explanation. Many geneticists believe not only that everyone on earth is related but that everyone alive is at least the 50th cousin of everyone else. Though some of the photos you’ll see here of celebrities who have doppelgängers of different races may seem incredible, the phenomenon may go back to the simple fact that we’re not all as different as we may sometimes think. In fact, scientists have determined that there are only nine distinct facial shapes, and, when it comes down to it, there are only so many variations of features that are likely to take shape on each.

Regardless, if you’re in for a mind-blowing look at famous people doppelgängers from around the world, come on in. You’ll see everything from celebrities who look like other celebrities who happen to be of a different race, to ordinary people from around the globe who look like some of your favorite Hollywood stars.