This Artist Creates Otherworldly Angels That Take Sci-Fi To A Whole New Level

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People usually think of angels as winged humans better suited for guidance than combat, but artist Peter Mohrbacher turns angels into warriors. Peter Mohrbacher's angel art depicts angels from ancient mythologies with a fantasy and sci-fi twist guaranteed to get the kids interested in the Book of Enoch. After reading up on angelic history in ancient texts and mythologies, Mohrbacher personified ancient angels from the text as badass sci-fi angels, even creating an entire book around them, Angelarium: Book of Emanations. The angels of Angelarium look like something out of Guillermo del Toro's own personal sketchbooks, which tells you how fantastically bizarre Mohrbacher's angel art gets. As for the Angelarium angels themselves, what they lack in visages they make up for in their bodies, which all possess an ethereal eeriness that speaks to their power and their mystery. 

Some of Mohrbacher's angels resemble benevolent beings one would see in a Miyazaki film, but the more terrifying divine entities look like foes from the latest installment of Bayonetta. All-in-all, angel art from Angelarium constructs an entirely fresh new world out of characters who've existed practically since the dawn of the written word. Ancient scripture never felt more compelling than it does now.

  • 1. Eistibus, Angel Of Divination

    Eistibus, Angel Of Divination
    Photo: Peter Mohrbacher / Angelarium
    192 votes
  • 2. Simikiel, Angel Of Vengeance

    Simikiel, Angel Of Vengeance
    Photo: Peter Mohrbacher / Angelarium
    184 votes
  • 3. Azrael, Angel Of Death

    Azrael, Angel Of Death
    Photo: Peter Mohrbacher / Angelarium
    204 votes
  • 4. Dumah, Angel Of Dreams

    Dumah, Angel Of Dreams
    Photo: Peter Mohrbacher / Angelarium
    153 votes
  • 5. Leliel, Angel Of Night

    Leliel, Angel Of Night
    Photo: Peter Mohrbacher / Angelarium
    139 votes
  • 6. Hasmed, Angel Of Annihilation

    Hasmed, Angel Of Annihilation
    Photo: Peter Mohrbacher / Angelarium
    171 votes