20 Facts That Will Make You Fall in Love with Otters

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Otters. They were your favorite exhibit at the zoo, but maybe you grew up and forgot just how playful and adorable these little guys and gals really are. A member of the weasel family Mustedlidae, they are related to badgers, martens, ferrets, and even wolverines. Wolverines! Otters are just the cutest, and as it turns out, are quite interesting little animals as well. What are the most fascinating weasel facts?

There are 13 species of otter, all of which are either aquatic or at least semi-aquatic. Some of them play basketball, some of them have numerous tricks to keep themselves from floating away, and all of them are cute beyond belief.

Some of these adorable otter facts came from here, while others are courtesy of r/Awwducational and r/Otters. Get your fix of otter facts below and celebrate their craftiness, cuteness, and playful attitudes by voting on the list of otter facts below.