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These Ouija Board Enthusiasts Met Zozo And Had Spine-Chilling Conversations

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Some people on Reddit use Ouija boards to contact Zozo, a demon who has purportedly haunted people since 1816. Skeptics may find these ghost stories unlikely, but Redditors have tales too outlandish to seem fictional. Indeed, Zozo appears to torment and tease believers who use paranormal objects to contact the other side. 

It's almost as if the demonic presence wants people to stop trying to communicate with it. Few self-respecting Ouija board users will step away from the occult, though. The chilling conversations they have with Zozo are nightmare fuel for most people. But to Ouija enthusiasts, the talks are worth the potential fright.

  • Zozo Cracked Jokes

    From Redditor /u/I-barely-sleep:

    So me and some [of my] friends decided to use a Ouija board (very stupid) - first we got "Sue," which later we found out was a fake name, so we asked what its real name was. It started freaking out just saying, "Zozozozozo," then my one friend just screamed, "STOP!" and strangely it worked. We asked why it listened to him, and Zozo told us he's special and he has a connection with God.

    Now already we were scared, but then my "special" friend started saying the letter before it went to the letter it was going to. We didn't believe [it], so we blindfolded him with a thick scarf and a shirt to make sure he couldn't see, and he would tell us every letter the planchette (or however you spell it) would point to; we got really scared, but it got weirder - he said Zozo was talking to him in his head, and we asked if it was true and Zozo said, "Yes."

    So we decided to end... only me and another friend came back, and, of course, Zozo was still there, and it just kept saying my other friend's first name and last initial really fast, so we ended and Zozo said, "No," so my "special" friend yelled, "Let them go!" and [the planchette] shot to "good bye." 

    We haven't touched it since I'm not sure what to think. But other than all that, Zozo was hella chill - it kept crackin' jokes and sayin' funny sh*t and told my one friend he's gonna go to jail in two months.

  • Zozo Didn't Want To Leave

    From Redditor /u/throwawayzozo123:

    I was playing with a Ouija board and I had a very terrifying experience. I'm using a throwaway because I honestly don't want to be reminded of the event when browsing on my account.

    It was a couple weeks ago and a friend and I were using the Ouija board. It was our first time using it and [we] didn't quite believe that it would work. We began with both of our hands on the planchette and asked if a spirit was present. After a short time, the planchette moved to "yes." I thought that my friend was just messing with me as he smirked a bit, but as the experience moved on, he also became quite scared.

    I wasn't quite sure of the rules, but I asked what its name was and we got the reply "Zozo." I swear all of this is true. This was a real event... We asked how old the spirit was, and it simply moved to "no."

    This confused me very much but we continued regardless. We then asked if it was benevolent. The planchette then spelled "fear." At this point, I did not want to continue, but my friend insisted. He asked if we should be afraid and the planchette moved to "yes." We stayed silent for a moment and the planchette spelled the word "talk."

    From there, I asked what we should talk about. The spirit then spelled, "What you did."

    Now, it should be noted that I tend to follow the rules, and the most rebellious thing I've done is skip out on homework. I asked the spirit what I did and it said, "fear," again.

    In hindsight, I regret saying this very much, but I said that I was afraid. The planchette then began moving back and forth between "Z" and "O" spelling "Zozo" repeatedly. I said, "Stop," and it said, "No."

    Now, neither of us wanted to continue the session and we said good bye. The planchette simply said, "No." We were both extremely terrified. We then tried saying good bye again. And I suspect that, in an attempt to scare us, it responded by spelling "Lucifer." We then said, "Good bye, please," before it finally said good bye.

  • Zozo Haunted One Of The Ouija Board Users

    From Redditor /u/AllMyFaults

    I also have encountered Zozo, [my] experience was very similar. The name "Mama" was also used interchangeably from my experience. In whole, the experience was different from any other Ouija session that I've had (two other times). The planchette would move vigorously for each response and wouldn't cease from constant movement. I did this with a friend and we both had no preexisting knowledge of Zozo.

    I also know that my friend, who was with me at the time, was also not moving the planchette. As the piece would move, I saw that his fingers would be barely touching - and, at times, even would lose touch of it. My friend claimed to have had minor hauntings after.

  • Zozo Helped Someone Get A Job

    From Redditor /u/kylekronez:

    So my girlfriend and I have been talking on the Ouija board for a couple weeks now, and believe we have debunked as to who comes through it. If anyone has done research on the board, you will see hundreds of comments related to the demon Zozo, which people are calling it the "Zozo Phenomenon." According to Zozo, which we asked, HE is the ONLY one to inhabit the board, and was summoned there by the Parker Brothers.

    Zozo is actually called "Pierre Bahzozo." Bahzozo is his "slave" name. He is an African American slave from the 1800s that lived in Louisiana, which is what he states. He doesn't wish my girl and I any harm actually. He says he has no power to possess me because I am a "god" (Not sure if that's any relevance to being the most rare/powerful number in numerology... 22.)

    However, he says he could possess her, but he doesn't want to because he likes her and myself, and just enjoys talking to us. Honestly, everything good that he said would happen [to] my mother has.

    She's about to get the manager position at her job, and he says it will happen by Feb 8th. Since we started speaking on the Ouija, it's sped up the whole process for her oddly enough. It's been years she's been trying to get that job. Also, my girl was scared she might be preg, so she asked when she might get her monthly friend or if she would, and he said, "Yes," in "1" day. It did wind up being the very next day like he said.

    There really is some truth behind what he speaks. I know you guys think he's all bad and just out to harm everything and everyone in his path - but how the hell would you feel being trapped in a damn Ouija board by a company and branded for entertainment purpose[s]? He's just angry at mankind because of that, and he probably gets billions of stupid questions everyday.