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28 Hilarious Anime Scenes That Make Absolutely No Sense Without Context

Updated March 11, 2021 46.5k votes 7.2k voters 186.7k views28 items

One of the funniest parts of anime is how certain scenes or quotes make absolutely no sense without context. Would you really know why a bald man was handing a crab a firearm without context? We've collected the funniest no-context anime screenshots that are truly bizarre (even regardless of knowing the context).

Some series like Gintama could probably take up this whole list, as there is always weird stuff going on in the series. The English dub of Ghost Stories is practically a given, as the dialogue was purposefully written to basically make no sense. Future Diary isn't a particularly funny show, but the entry from that series below will definitely make you laugh.

Vote up the no-context anime quotes that made you laugh, or simply show some love to the ones that you believe require the most context to understand.

  • 1. To Your Battle Stations

    Photo: Sabage-bu! / Pierrot+
    Desperately need context?
  • 2. Can You Spare A Minute Of Your Time, Sir?

    Photo: Asobi Asobase / Lerche
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  • 3. All The Way Through?

    Photo: To Be Hero / Haoliners Animation League
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  • 4. It Was A Little Cramped

    Photo: Girls und Panzer / Actas
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