This Twitter Account Posts Out Of Context Quotes From Fanfiction That Are Hilarious And Disturbing

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Fanfiction gives fans the opportunity to correct plot points and fill in unexplored blanks from their favorite pop culture subjects. Followers who seek out the best quotes from Fanfiction_txt on Twitter want something else out of fanfiction. The Twitter account posts excerpts from fanfiction stories, author notes, and reader comments to create a bizarro world where famous lines paint a very different picture of classic movies and video games.

These tweets aren't misquoted movie lines. They're just snapshots into the really, really weird stuff that the world of fanfiction has to offer without trawling through any actual story. The funniest Fanfiction_txt tweets would be ripe for the famous people reading tweets treatment, though any of those would come with an NSFW warning.

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    It's Hard Out There For A Pokemon Trainer


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    Fact Checking Is The Key To Fan Fiction


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    'Ghost In The Shell' Goes Meta


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    Sonic The Hedgehog Made His Way To The White House


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    This Needs A Training Montage


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    As Far As Street Fighter Backstories Go, It's A Unique One


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