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"Out of the Furnace" movie quotes take viewers on a dark tale following two brothers both looking to make their lives better, with scary consequences for their efforts. The thriller was directed by Scott Cooper using a screenplay he co-wrote with Brad Ingelsby. Tony and Ridley Scott, along with Leonardo DiCaprio, serve as producers of the film which was first released on November 27, 2013.

In "Out of the Furnace," brothers Russell (Christian Bale) and Rodney (Casey Affleck) Baze live in a distressed, working-class section of Pennsylvania. Both aspire to leave the poverty they know but each are dealing with their own demons. Russell is sent to prison while Rodney deals with remorse of serving in the military. Upon Russell's release from jail, the two catch up briefly before Rodney goes missing.

As it turns out, Rodney took out a loan from an unsavory type and agreed to join a violent crime ring to earn the money back. He sought to leave the life of crime once his debt was repaid but Curtis (Woody Harrelson) the leader, doesn't make things so easy. Russell is faced with a choice of living a law-abiding live, which would keep him with his girl Lena (Zoe Saldana), or taking the chance to go out and rescue Rodney, something that may put him back in prison or kill them both. Forest Whitaker, Willem Dafoe and Sam Shepard co-star in the film.

"Out of the Furnace" hit theaters already buzzing with other films such as "12 Years a Slave," "Frozen," "Oldboy," "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," "Delivery Man," "Nebraska," "Sunlight Jr.," "Last Vegas," "Ender's Game, "The Counselor," "Bad Grandpa," "Escape Plan," "The Fifth Estate," "Captain Phillips," "Gravity," "Machete Kills," "Runner Runner," "Don Jon," "Rush, "Prisoners,", "Enough Said," "The Family," and "Riddick,".

Work for a Living?

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Russell: "Come work at the mill. There's nothing wrong with working for a living."
Rodney: "Working for a living? I gave my life for this country and what's it done for me? Huh? What's it done for me?!"

Russell urges Rodney to seek gainful employment, like most people in this world do. Rodney on the other hand has serious issues about what he feels is owed to him as a soldier.
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Russell: "How much he loan you?"
Rodney: "$1,500"
Russell: "I ain't got that kind of cash laying around to bail you out."

In need of cash, Rodney takes a loan from an unadvisable source. Russell doesn't have the money to save Rodney which means Rodney needs to find another way to get even.
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Their Own Breed of Justice

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Chief Wesley Barnes: "Russell, they haven't been able to find your brother."
Russell: "They aren't going to look for Rodney?"
Chief Wesley Barnes: "No, it's a whole 'nother world up in there. The people in those hills got their own breed of justice and it does not include us."

Russell is frustrated by the lack of assistance from the local police in helping to find Rodney. As Chief Barnes explains, the men who have Rodney operate by their own set of laws, leaving the real law enforcement nearly powerless.
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One Last Fight

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Rodney: "I'm going to do this one last fight and then I'll be done."

Rodney swears that he's leaving the crime ring to which he's indebted after one final fight. Like a gang however, quitting might not be as easy as he thinks.
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