15 People Share Out Of Touch Things Someone Said To Them So You Don't Say The Same

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Honesty can be very valuable in some cases but, context always matters. In some cases, there are things you should just never say, like these out of touch statements. These Redditors are sharing stories of the worst things people have said to them so you can avoid committing the same social faux pas. Read on and vote up the out of touch things you shouldn't say.

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    "Ew, Do You Know What Kind Of People Take The Bus?"

    From Redditor u/AscendingAgain:

    Suggested someone takes the bus to save on gas prices. They responded "Ew, do you know what kind of people take the bus?"

    Yeah, working-class people. And also me?

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    I'd Be Surprised If Most People Haven't Traveled To AT LEAST 20 Countries"

    From Redditor u/CapnPotat0:

    Had a friend in dental school who grew up in the rich suburbs north of Detroit. We were talking about traveling (she was going to Thailand for spring break) and she said “I’d be surprised if most people hadn’t traveled to at least 20 countries”. I told her I’d be surprised if most people had ever left the US at all.

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    "So EVERYONE Is A Millionaire?"

    From Redditor u/Bor1sz:

    I was working at a school for the kids of the 1% and we were discussing what a millionaire was. One example I gave was owning property or assets worth a million or over and the kid replied; “oh, so everyone is a millionaire then?”.

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    "Stop Buying Lattes To Pay For Your Scholarship"

    From Redditor u/Parafault:

    “Taking out student loans is stupid. Just get a part-time job and stop buying lattes so you can pay your way as I did”.

    A coworker who graduated from college in the 70s.

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    "Your Sewage-Filled Apartment Is Not Uninhabitable"

    From Redditor u/familiar-face123:

    Half of my apartment flooded with raw sewage and the manager was like "it's not that bad, it's not uninhabitable". 

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    "Why Don't People Just Enroll In A Good University?"

    From Redditor u/RandomTree13:

    "I can not understand why there are dumb people that do not wish to become more wealthy and just enroll in (INSERT GENERIC TOP UNIVERSITY)."

    Referring to people that are content with their jobs and do not wish to change their career path for the sole sake of money and status. Also assuming of course everybody has money and time for that.

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