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People Are Sharing The Outdated Advice They Once Received And It Is A Weird Trip Down Memory Lane

"What's some outdated advice that's no longer applicable today?"

Ever get a piece of bad advice that was given in earnest? Perhaps a small nugget of "wisdom" that was handed down from generation to generation and now makes no sense? Over on Reddit, people are sharing the awful advice they received over the years that is now considered outdated, old-fashioned, or just plain bad. From warnings about the dangers of the internet to borderline psychotic behavior, here are the pieces of advice that are best ignored. 



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    Future Job Opportunities

    Posted by u/livebeta:

    "Nobody's going to pay you to stare at a computer screen all day..." - Mom, 1996 (during the Dawn of the Internets)

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    Did Not Expect This...

    Posted by u/catmom6353:

    Disclaimer: I was given a What To Expect When You're Expecting book printed in the early/mid '70s. It included:

    * Up to 5 glasses of wine a day are safe, at least two are recommended.

    * Up to four hard alcoholic beverages a week are okay.

    * Snowsuits in car seats to keep babies warm in the car.

    * Breastfeeding is okay, but formula is better because it’s “scientifically” better. Breastfeeding should only be done if you’re not able to afford formula.

    * Up to 1/2 pack of cigarettes a day is okay.

    * Glorified the “Husband Stitch.”

    * Too much cardio (more than 20 mins of mild to moderate exercise a day) or actual hard exercise at all increases stillbirth and SIDS.

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    Loyal To A Fault

    Posted by u/-eDgAR-:

    "Show your employer loyalty and they will be loyal to you."

    Posted by u/Zonerdrone:

    My family is super old fashioned and don't understand this at all. My father spent 30 years in the military and then had to leave because he was too fat. He entered the job market at almost 50 and failed miserably. He had no idea how to compete. Everything he knew was what his father taught him 50 years ago. Poor guy almost lost his house before he found a job to support himself. He got an offer two years later for more money and it was still close to home and he turned it down because he feels like he owes his current job. He just doesn't get it.

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    Using A Social Security Number As An Identified

    Posted by u/meowhahaha:

    The week before I left for college, my dad bought a cheap electric etcher. He etched my social security number on my TV, my bike, and a couple other things.

    That way if they were stolen and recovered I could prove they were mine.

    Probably not done today.

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