The Most Fun Outdoor Activities

Sometimes we’re online so much it’s hard to brainstorm outdoor activities. So a fun outdoor activities list for people of any age, from kids to teens and adults, might come in handy. Because you can always bookmark this outdoor activities list on your phone and have it handy when your kids or your friends dub you Lord of the Outdoors. 

Summer, spring, fall, winter, tricky climate changey weather... there are many entertaining, affordable, and fun outdoor activities that only require you to leave your house. You don't need to dress up to hit the local yard sales!

Not everything on this outdoor activities list requires coordination, either. Hitting up a local biergarten might be exactly what the day calls for. And those things are open year round in some places. Yeah! Or how about a movie under the stars in an urban setting like a cemetery or forest? That’s at least two fun outdoor activities for adults that don’t require a special outfit or other gear.

For the Sporty Spices, there are tons of fun outdoor activities. Cycling from city to city? You’ve got buddies! Surfing the best breaks? Bring the crew! But not that other crew. Or else there will be a Point Break-like rumble. Mountain biking, motorcycling, trail running - all are outdoor activities enjoyed in groups or solo.

Which items rank high on your fun outdoor activities list? What are your top fun outdoor activities? Water slides or kiting? Will the week run the gamut from skiing to backpacking? Put on some sunscreen and upvote your favorite fun outdoor activities. If your top outdoor activity is missing be sure to add it so others can join in on the fun!
Photo: flickr / CC0
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  • Camping
    560 votes


  • Hiking
    450 votes


  • Swimming
    376 votes
  • Star Gazing
    433 votes

    Star Gazing

  • Canoeing
    300 votes
  • Picnicking
    283 votes