15 Tame Outfits That Got Kids in Trouble at School

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Upvote the most absurd "violations" of school dress codes that got kids in trouble with their schools.

Dress code policy has been a huge debate in school systems for decades, and when it comes down to it, both sides of the coin are equally as valid as they are incredulous. Girls are targeted for showing their shoulders and wearing skirts that hover just above their knees, while males are hounded for their hairstyles or repping their favorite sports teams.

All fashion statements aside, we know that schools are responsible for keeping a safe, peaceful environment for students. But as American Citizens under the First Amendment, students have the inherent right to express themselves freely… and herein lies the issue. By requiring school uniforms or creating a strict dress code, schools are not only taking away freedom of speech and expression, they’re arguably stifling creativity and stunting self-awareness by marginalizing the youths of today.

There are tons of arguments that can be made in support of strict dress codes and against them, and we’re open to all opinions! But here, we’ve created a list of the most ridiculous dress code violators we could find. Vote up the students you think were the most wrongly accused!