15 Tame Outfits That Got Kids in Trouble at School

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Dress code policy has been a huge debate in school systems for decades, and when it comes down to it, both sides of the coin are equally as valid as they are incredulous. Girls are targeted for showing their shoulders and wearing skirts that hover just above their knees, while males are hounded for their hairstyles or repping their favorite sports teams.

All fashion statements aside, we know that schools are responsible for keeping a safe, peaceful environment for students. But as American Citizens under the First Amendment, students have the inherent right to express themselves freely… and herein lies the issue. By requiring school uniforms or creating a strict dress code, schools are not only taking away freedom of speech and expression, they’re arguably stifling creativity and stunting self-awareness by marginalizing the youths of today.

There are tons of arguments that can be made in support of strict dress codes and against them, and we’re open to all opinions! But here, we’ve created a list of the most ridiculous dress code violators we could find. Vote up the students you think were the most wrongly accused!

  • Eighth Grader Suspended for Supporting the Troops

    Alan Holmes, an eighth grader at Dexter McCarty Middle School in Oregon, was sent home for wearing a shirt that featured a gun as part of its design. The rifle image was part of a statement supporting the US military. Holmes's older brother served in Iraq.

    Despite the positive message, school officials decided that any image of a gun was inappropriate at school. Especially following the mass shooting at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon earlier in the month. The school district put out a statement saying, "while the district’s dress code does not allow clothing with images of weapons, in light of this situation, we will take a closer look at our policy."

    Source: Willamette Week

  • High Schooler Sent Home for Exposed Collar Bones

    Kentucky student Stephanie Hughes was was sent home from Woodford County High School for her exposed collar bones in this ensemble. Administrators said the outfit was inappropriate and “may distract their male classmates."

    Hughes's mom took to Facebook to vent about the school's decision. “This is ridiculous! Parents are being called away from their important jobs and students are missing important class time because they are showing their collarbones!” They started a Change.org petition to get the school's dress code changed.

    Source: Refinery29

  • Student Sent Home for Wearing Spandex and a Long-Sleeved Baseball Tee

    Macy Edgerly was sent home for wearing spandex pants and a long baseball tee that landed a few inches above her knees. When she arrived home, her sister posted a picture of the forbidden outfit to Facebook, where it was shared nearly 100K times! The alleged crime was most likely the spandex that Macy donned, but what about baseball players wearing spandex to their games? Or football players? Or wrestling unitards, for goodness sake?

    Source: IJReview
  • Male Student Sent Home for Wearing a Skirt

    Warren Evans, a high school student in Maryland, was suspended from school for wearing the outfit pictured above. Fellow students from his high school claimed that females often wear skirts of the same length and do not get suspended. Evans argues that he was targeted not for the length of his skirt, but because he was a boy dressing up in female clothing. The school gave no comment on the matter, claiming that dress code rules apply to all students and that there was no gender discrimination involved in their decision.

    Source: NBC News Washington
  • Student Suspended for Growing His Hair out for Locks of Love

    After finding out a family friend had been diagnosed with cancer, J.T. Gaskins, a high school student from Michigan, attempted to grow his hair out to the 10-inch length necessary for donating to Locks of Love. J.T. himself is a cancer survivor, who, at eight weeks old, was diagnosed with leukemia and battled the cancer for four years. J.T. is currently cancer free, but his gesture was in support of all those currently battling the disease and also in celebration of his own life.

    He was suspended from school for growing his hair past his shoulders, an stated dress code violation, and was offered a compromise of “using gel” to slick his hair back out of his face, but J.T. didn’t take that deal and was therefore suspended.

    Source: USA Today
  • Student Forced to Call Her Parents for a Change of Clothing

    This 14 year old was sent to the office because her skirt was half an inch too short. Her father captured this lovely moment (where she’s seen waiting in the school office for a change of clothing), shared it with the world, and since, she’s gotten some validation about her outfit’s absolute appropriateness.

    Source: Huffington Post