Outfits That Got Kids Kicked Out of Prom

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Vote up the outfits that you think were the most harmless, despite keeping these kids from attending their proms.

This list of outfits that got kids kicked out of prom will definitely surprise you, and not because the looks are scandalous. You may have heard of Aniya Wolf, the student from Bishop McDevitt High School who was banned from her prom for wearing a tux instead of a dress. But girls wearing tuxes to prom is just the beginning.

Can you guess why 16-year-old David Leix was denied entry into his prom? His family heirloom kilt, passed down to him by his late grandfather, was the culprit. David was accused of wearing a "dress-like" outfit by a volunteer who denied him entrance, then had to wait two hours outside of prom while a friend's parent brought him a change of pants.  

Then, there's Brittany Minder, who was denied access to her prom because of inappropriate cleavage when she was actually appropriately covered. She just had a different body type than average, and school officials couldn't handle it. And what outfit did Shafer Rupard wear that got her kicked out of prom? Simply a pair of red pants. Then, there's Gabi Finalyson, who was accused of violating her school's modesty dress code, even though she had her dress specially altered just so she could meet the school's requirements. 

Check out these outfits that were banned from prom, and vote up the most unjust prom outfit scandals.