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The Most Over-The-Top Celebrity Fat Suits Ever Worn In TV And Movie History

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Hollywood often puts actors in fat suits for supposed comedic purposes. While fat shaming is never okay, certain movies add blatantly fake extra pounds onto actors, resulting in ridiculous performances and stale punchlines. Movies like Shallow Hal attempt to capitalize on overweight characters, but the outcome is frequently distasteful and offensive.

Other films and TV series use fat suits to make a point, but those representations sometimes still have flaws. Many celebrity fat suits end up appearing exaggerated.

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    Melissa Gorga On 'Entertainment Tonight'

    Melissa Gorga On 'Entertainment Tonight'
    Photo: Bravo / Paramount

    Reality TV star Melissa Gorga wandered around New York City during a taping for Entertainment Tonight. In addition to the egregious fat suit, Gorga donned glasses and an unflattering pink sportswear ensemble as part of an arguably misguided social experiment.

  • In the movie Shallow Hal, womanizer Hal (Jack Black) undergoes hypnosis so he can only see people's inner beauty. While in this state, he falls in love with Rosemary (Gwyneth Paltrow). Things get dramatic after the hypnosis's reversal.

    Paltrow spent half the movie in a fat suit - she looked like something swallowed her. Critics were brutal, calling the film "little more than a series of fat jokes."

  • Mila Kunis On 'That '70s Show'
    Photo: FOX / FOX

    Mila Kunis, like many of her That '70s Show castmates, wore a fat suit during filming. Her character, however, hardly seemed realistic in her prosthetic pounds.

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    Tyra Banks On 'The Tyra Show'

    In an episode of The Tyra Show, supermodel Tyra Banks wore a fat suit to see if people on the street would treat her differently. However, her disguise didn't fool anyone - she looked like Tyra Banks wearing a fat suit. People acted accordingly.