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Stories About People Who Used Their Private Jets For The Most Outrageous Reasons

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The inequities between the haves and the have-nots have rarely been more obvious, and an abundance of crazy private jet stories is proof of the ever-widening gulf that separates the ultra-rich from, well, the rest of us. Most everyday folks consider planes a mode of travel, a (mostly) convenient way to get from point A to point B. The rich, on the other hand, consider planes - private ones, at least - their own personal mansions in the sky. To them, a private jet is just another luxury item to be purchased, used, and discarded without much thought. It would be depressing if some of these stories weren't so deliciously, ridiculously decadent. The outrageous things for which people have used private jets may have, at one time, been shocking, but in a world owned by the 1%, these stories are surprisingly common. If you have enough money to book a plane all to yourself, weird private jet requests don't seem so shocking.

OK, actually when you consider the environmental implifications of every jet takeoff and landing, these stories are depressing. Though still highly entertaining. Read on to learn about some of the strange reasons people used private jets and vote sky-high the most egregious private plane stories of the bunch.

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    Parents Arranged For Santa And His Sleigh To Take Off From The Tarmac Just Ahead Of The Private Jet

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    Christmas trees have become an in-demand item for rich private jet passengers. In one instance, a flyer demanded a little decorated tree, complete with presents underneath, be onboard during the flight. The request was honored, and a small Christmas tree was provided, decked out with weights so it didn't go reeling during flight. In another instance, a passenger ordered Christmas trees on the tarmac at both takeoff and landing. And perhaps most elaborate of all, a couple arranged for real reindeer and Santa's sleigh to be taking off from the tarmac at the same time as their private jet was departing, so that the kids would would think their plane was following Santa to the North Pole.

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    Justin Bieber Used A Private Plane As His Own Personal Hotbox

    There's no shortage of Bieber Behaving Badly stories out there, but this one has got to come in near the top. Allegedly, Bieber booked a private jet for himself, his dad, and his entourage, and they spent the entire flight smoking tons of pot. The cabin was so inundated with smoke that the crew had to wear oxygen masks just to stay sober themselves. Even when the passengers were told to lay off the weed, they didn't listen. They were also so verbally abusive to a flight attendant that she had to stay in the cockpit for protection. Clearly, pot doesn't mellow Bieber and Co.; they're still ass*oles even when they're high.

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    It Wouldn't Be A Birthday Without Candles, And It Wouldn't Be Possible On A Plane Without A Fireman Present

    A wealthy passenger was flying to Florence, Italy, for her 50th birthday. She allegedly planned to start celebrating before the plane landed. She wanted a birthday cake, decked out in 50 candles, to be presented on the plane. There was just one problem: open flame is prohibited on planes, even for the rich. The solution? Hire a fireman to be onboard for the entire flight.

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    A Woman Once Booked A Whole Plane For Her Cats

    The experience of flying can easily become overwhelming, perhaps more so if you're a pampered pet used to a certain lifestyle. One woman once booked an entire private jet... for her three cats. What's more, the cats didn't even come out of their crates for the duration of the flight between Kansas and New York. Here's to hoping they at least got Cristal in their water bowls.

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