Wrestlers The Most Outrageous Moments In Stone Cold Steve Austin's Career  

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If there’s one wrestler who defines modern wrestling, it’s Stone Cold Steve Austin, the most white-hot in ring performer of the Attitude Era. It’s hard to decide which crazy moments from Stone Cold Steve Austin's career are the most outrageous. He’s obviously been a part of some of the most groundbreaking angles of all time, and there are some absolutely wild Stone Cold Steve Austin stories.

Austin is basically on the Mount Rushmore of wrestling. Not only did he change the business completely when he dropped his King of the Ring promo in 1996, but he’s managed to transition into an ambassador for the world of professional wrestling with appearances in film and television.

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The Time He Whacked Vince McMahon With A Bedpan

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One of the high-water marks of WWE's Attitude Era was the October 5, 1998, episode of RAW where Vince McMahon ended up in the hospital because of an ankle injury. Not only was McMahon forced to deal with Mankind coming to check up on him, but he also had to deal with Dr. Stone Cold stopping by to drop off his prescription for whoop-ass

The scene was essentially a Three Stooges routine where Austin punched Vince in the ankle before hitting him in the head with a bedpan. 



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The Time In 'WrestleMania 13' When Austin Had His Head Smashed With The Ring Bell

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March 23, 1997, was the day Austin became a hero in the eyes of fans at the WWE. His grudge match against Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13 was a submission match, which means you have to make your opponent either tap out or pass out from pain to win. The match itself was an exercise in storytelling, as the two men fought in and out of the ring as guest referee Ken Shamrock tried to keep up. 

The most interesting thing about this match was that the dynamic between the two men shifted for the audience throughout the match. Austin, who until that point had been a bad guy, was being turned into a hero, and Hart was becoming a villain.

After Hart sliced open Austin's head with the ring bell and caused Austin to bleed out while he was in the sharpshooter (Hart's signature submission move), he won the match, but Austin would be the truly victorious wrestler that night. 

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That One Time Austin Gave President Trump A Stone Cold Stunner

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Austin is one of the most highly decorated and well-respected wrestlers who ever went into the squared circle; he's also the only guy who's ever given his finishing move to a United States President. During Wrestlemania 23, Austin was officiating “The Battle of the Billionaires,” a match where between WWE's Vince McMahon and Donald Trump, the future leader of the free world. 

The basic concept of the match was the two billionaires would watch as their respective wrestlers fought for them, kind of like knights jousting for their kings, and the loser would get their head shaved. As the match ended, Stone Cold did what Stone Cold does and he gave everybody in the ringer a stunner. 

According to Austin, he asked Trump if he could take the stunner right before the match and that he had to explain the mechanics of the move to the future President's security team:

I briefly explained how the stunner works. I’m gonna kick him in the stomach - not very hard - then I’m gonna put his head on my shoulder, and we’re gonna drop down. That’s the move. No rehearsal, [decided] right in the dressing room, 15 minutes before we’re gonna go out in front of 80,000 people.

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The Angle Where Brian Pillman Pulled A Gun On Him

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On the November 4, 1996 episode of Monday Night Raw, Austin went to the house of his former tag team partner after breaking his ankle to continue the beat down. In a live interview, Brian Pillman said he was ready for Austin because he had a "9mm glock." 

Austin fought his way up to Pillman's house (drowning a guy in a kiddie pool in the act) before breaking in through the back door. Once Austin was inside, Pillman trained the gun on him, and it looked like he pulled the trigger.

The camera cut to static and when the feed returned, Pillman's friends were restraining him. Kevin Kelly was screaming for someone to "call the police," and Pillman's girlfriend was freaking out.

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