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The Most Over-The-Top Performances In Comic Book Movies

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When heading to our local cinemas for the latest comic book adaptation, we love to see over-the-top performances from the cast. While the most over-acted parts are typically the villains, this is not always the case (we're looking at you, Venom's Tom Hardy and 300's Gerard Butler). Villain or hero, these actors are clearly having fun, and we should just sit back, relax, and do the same.

From the truly weird, like Spawn's John Leguizamo and Batman Returns' Danny DeVito, to the campy, like Spider-Man's Willem Dafoe and Catwoman's Sharon Stone, these comic book movie performances are the ones we don't want to forget. Whether the movie in question is a genre classic or a piece of true dreck, these scene-stealers are worth the price of admission alone.