16 Movie Villains With Absolutely No Chill

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Throughout the history of cinema, there have been cool villains, and baddies so ruthless they don't even care about the people trying to stop them. But then there are the villains who have absolutely no chill. They spend their days stomping around their lair and dreaming up new ways to make sure everyone knows how evil they are. Frankly, it's exhausting.

Rather than just let their actions speak for themselves, many of these villains use masks and unnecessary equipment as a way to advertise their stature as antagonists. Those who don't fall into evil fashion faux-pas simply don't know when to pull back on the reins a bit and just let their villainy simmer. The big bads collected here don't know the meaning of the word "relax."

Who has the least chill in all of villainy? That's up to you to decide. Just know that there's really no right or wrong answer here. Every single one of these villains is over-the-top AF.


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    Cruella de Vil
    Photo: 101 Dalmations / Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

    Has anyone ever had more fun being so gloriously over the top? Pampered and wealthy, Cruella wants nothing more than to be the most beloved haute couture designer in all of England. Oh, and she'd like a coat made out of the skin of just over 100 Dalmatian puppies.

    She's so obsessed with this desire for the softest coat imaginable, she hires a pair of cockney goons to kidnap a bunch of puppies and skin them. She does all of this while smoking a cigarette and sporting half-black, half-white hair. Not only does she have zero chill, but she also doesn't care what anyone thinks. It's amazing.

    Her Least Chill Moment: To find the least chill moment in Cruella's long history, all one has to do is look to 1996's 101 Dalmatians. In this film, she pays her henchmen to slay a Siberian tiger that's being held at the London Zoo, which one might say is a wee bit over the top.

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    Jack Torrance
    Photo: The Shining / Warner Bros.

    Jack Torrance begins The Shining with no chill and just grows completely unhinged throughout his family's stay at the Overlook Hotel. Is working as the caretaker of an immense and incredibly old (and haunted) hotel a big responsibility? Of course. Is it an excuse to scream at your wife and terrorize your son? Not at all. Torrance is so annoyed he has to spend a winter with his family that he goes out of his way to let them know how much he hates them by openly mocking his wife for most of the season.

    His Least Chill Moment: There's nothing less chill than writing "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy" on page after page of what's supposed to be your novel before chasing your wife up a set of stairs while monologuing about "responsibility." A bonus least-chill moment is when Torrance waits for Dick Hallorann to arrive at the hotel so he can put an ax in his back.

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    Photo: Jessica Jones / Netflix

    With the power to control the will of anyone in his direct vicinity with ease, Kilgrave isn't exactly on the DL with his abilities. As a mid-tier villain in the MCU, he's got a chip on his shoulder and he wants everyone to know just how evil he can be.

    Aside from the whole "mind control on random people" thing, Kilgrave wears way too much purple. It's almost like he doesn't think people know he's evil, and that he heard bad guys need a color scheme. He made an entire police department aim their guns at one another after taking advantage of a young woman and making her slay her parents. We get it dude, you're the big bad.

    His Least Chill Moment: Kilgrave's sexual and mental violation of Hope Schlottman is unquestionably so over the top in its perversity and evil, it's hard to even qualify his actions as "not chill."

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    Immortan Joe
    Photo: Mad Max: Fury Road / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Blistered and bleached by the desert sun, Immortan Joe is seriously effing scary. That is, until you realize that he's one of the biggest try-hards in the history of science fiction. He's a great villain, but it does feel like he was a #ReleaseTheSnyderCut guy before the global apocalypse.

    Joe has worshippers and battle-ready crazy people at his disposal, but he still goes out of his way to remind the people in his life that's he a super evil bada*s. Aside from all the armor and medals that go hand in hand with his whole despot vibe, he adorns himself with skulls and surrounds himself with lookalikes who shred on guitar everywhere he goes. It's as if he's not sure the crazy people who populate the burned-out carcass of Earth realize he's a bad guy.

    His Least Chill Moment: Insisting that his followers refrain from growing "addicted" to water while starving them out in the hot sun is pretty un-chill, but so is branding all of his followers with the same skull symbol he wears as a belt buckle. But really, his least chill moment has to be ordering his personal doctor to cut a baby out of one of his pregnant "wives." It's... oh what would you call that - absolutely insane, not to mention unnecessary.

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    Queen of Hearts
    Photo: Alice in Wonderland / Buena Vista Pictures

    Everyone in Wonderland is psychologically unhinged in one way or another, but the Queen of Hearts takes the adage of "we all go a little mad sometimes" and runs with it. An over-the-top royal prone to wild mood swings, she doesn't rule her subjects so much as she waits until she can behead them.

    It's clear from the moment the audience meets the Queen of Hearts that she's absolutely bonkers. Aside from all of her beheading talk, she also insists all of the white roses in her kingdom be painted red before growing furious that her subjects actually followed through on her demands. She's just maddening for the sake of being maddening.

    Her Least Chill Moment: After challenging Alice to a game of croquet, she enlists the animals in her kingdom to help her win the game. Why not just play this preteen in a fair game of croquet?

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    Photo: Beauty and the Beast / Buena Vista Pictures

    No Disney villain has ever been chill, but Gaston really takes the cake. Aside from walking around the village of Villeneuve dressed like a 16th-century version of Mystery from The Pickup Artist, he can barely contain himself when speaking about his love of war and women. He sneers and he preens - a little too heavy on the antlers in your decorating, don't you think, big guy? - as if he thinks the audience isn't going to think he's evil enough for trying to ensnare a woman who really wants nothing to do with him.

    Gaston is so shocked that Belle would rather be with the Beast than him that he absolutely loses any sense of cool, locking her in a cage and leading a group of villagers to knock off his romantic rival. This is a guy who women absolutely love, by the way. He could just as easily have said "no big deal" when Belle passed over him, but instead, he went straight to bloodshed. Not cool Gaston, not cool.

    His Least Chill Moment: When Belle's father denies Gaston's request to marry his daughter, the French baddie cold cocks the old man before tying him up and leaving him in the forest to be eaten by wolves.

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