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Overbearing Mother-In-Laws Who Were The Biggest Bridezillas At The Wedding

These momzillas feel the need to share, or steal, the spotlight from their children, ruining or coming close to ruining the happiest day of their lives. And sometimes, it isn't even their child. Determined to get the attention they so desperately require, these mothers yell, fight, grab, demand, and just cause a general scene to get what they want.

These mother-in-laws (MIL) and future mother-in-laws (FMIL) might have experience in life, but they still have a lot to learn. 

  • 'You NEED To Do What I Want You To Do'

    Posted by Redditor u/HeathenHumanist:

    A few years back I worked at a wedding/formal gown store as a Bridal Consultant. The show "Say Yes to the Dress" was more relatable than I'd like to admit, and I have too many stories. This one stands out, though.

    It was a slower day, and there were two other consultants plus myself just hanging around, when an entire entourage enters our store. We begin our spiel with introductions, what's your budget, blah blah blah, and get to the "So when's the big day?" She says THIS WEEKEND. Yay, pretty much a guaranteed sale! Since they were so short on time, Other Consultant (OC) and I join forces to get this really nice Bride (B) a dress ASAP.

    As we begin gathering details for what she wants her dress to look like, it becomes very apparent that her mother, hereafter Momzilla (MZ), has VERY different ideas of what she wants her daughter's dress to look like. But obviously B's opinion is more important to us, so we pick out what she wanted: white, fitted, simple but elegant. OC and I bring some options into her fitting room and get her dressed.

    The first one we put B in was gorgeous, exactly what she wanted. White, fitted down to the knees, the perfect cut for her figure, just perfect. Didn't even need alterations. She was quite happy. We brought B out to show off her dress to her entourage, which brought happy squeals of amazement from everyone - except MZ. Her face instantly looked disappointed. Poor B was sad to make her mom feel bad, and it got really awkward really fast. OC and I asked MZ what she had hoped to see, and it was basically the opposite: ivory, princess ballgown, fancy...B was clearly not thrilled with that, and tried to argue with MZ, while OC and I continued trying to bring the focus back to B. It was HER wedding, after all!

    After a couple of incredibly awkward minutes, MZ looked B straight in the eyes and said, "I have dreamed about your wedding day since you were born. In my dreams you are always in an ivory dress. You NEED to do what I want you to do." And with that, B slumped back to the fitting room, removed the perfect dress, and left with her whole entourage. OC and I spent the rest of the day trying to pick our jaws up off the floor.

    Did I mention that their wedding was that weekend?

  • 'I Poured An Entire Cup Of Red Wine Down The Front Of Her Dress'

    Posted by Redditor u/Theloniou5:

    This story is about my friends MIL, and her wedding. Strap in guys, this is a wild ride in which I did THE THING that got me banned from any of her family functions. (Plus a few threats of dismemberment and bodily harm)

    A good friend of mine from university was getting married! They had been a couple since Junior year of college, through her 2 years in the peace corps and currently her return to this continent. 6 years in total. She had been to all manner of family functions and always came back with a strange story about how she thinks her MIL secretly hates her. But she being a very quiet and sweet person pushed those thoughts aside.

    Point 1: She is vegetarian and Jewish, husband is not. She was invited and went to Christmas dinner and figured she would just eat sides, as well she brought a vegetarian casserole. MIL, after knowing her for three years, and being told by husband a few weeks before about not to forget friend doesn't eat meat...proceeded to put meat in every dish. Friend drank water and ate her casserole the whole night while MIL cried to everyone that friend was so rude for not eating her cooking.

    Anyway, back to the story. A few friends and I were asked to be in the wedding. Friend has a HUGE family and so this was not going to be a small affair. Neither of them is particularly religious, but friend said it was would be nice to be married under a chuppah. (Think an arbor but 4 poles and covered with a white cloth and lots of flowers) Husband said he could care less, and told her to go and rent one for the wedding.

    I was at the bridal shower when MIL found out the "pretty canopy" was actually a chuppah. She almost lost her sh*t in front of a bunch of people, but managed to compose herself and laugh angrily that "if the Jews were being represented so would the catholics." In my head I heard a record screech, guys... they aren't catholic.

    So after much fighting, a lot of screaming, crying, threatening to pull money (which is funny because she contributed nothing), MIL lost. The boot was firmly placed, and nothing was moving it. Chuppah yes, catholic priest no.

    Things got stupid quiet, my friend texts me the night before the wedding that she has a bad feeling. I tell her it's probably just nerves, she is getting married and this is a big deal! Oh how wrong I was.

    We all show up, get our hair and makeup done. Slip into our bridesmaid dresses and hang out waiting for the bride to be finished with her hair. She makes a comment saying she hadn't seen MIL all day and that she skipped her hair and makeup appointment. We all side eyed each other, took a few sips of wine and hoped the eerie feeling would go away.

    30 minutes later as we are helping the bride into her dress; guess who shows up. If you guessed MIL, you win a cookie! Flushed from coming up the stairs, (she is not a light woman) in full hair and makeup...and a white dress. Not ivory, not cream, full snow-effing-white. The dress was clearly a wedding dress; it was even from David's Bridal (which she would later shout at me). Floor length satin with a sweet heart beaded top, a bit of a train and off white lace on the bottom. The dress was even tailored to her, this has been a long con she has orchestrated.

    The bride burst into tears and aunts and friends ushered MIL out. We did our best to console the bride, touched up her makeup, and I made her a promise that the dress would never be seen in a photo. She looked me dead in the eye and nodded. The game was on.

    The venue only supplied white wine and champagne for the wedding party. But I grabbed my purse and ran down into the reception area and managed to flag an attendant by the bar and bribe him with a cool $20 to give me a bottle of red early. I cracked the baby open, filled a solo cup to the brim with it and stalked outside. After a few swigs from the bottle for courage, I went over to where everyone was getting ready to take photos.

    With one last hard stare at my friend, I got her nod of approval. I pulled out my phone, held it in front of my face like I was reading a text and walked straight into MIL. I poured the entire cup of red wine down the front of her dress, jumped back and gasped.

    The look on her face was murderous. She screamed, yelled, threatened, and promised she would sue me. People had to hold her back because she wanted to fight me. Eventually she switched from screaming to sobbing and sank to the ground and threw a tantrum on the floor. Everyone moved back and just let her go at it and walked away to go take photos. It was surreal, as if everyone just hit their limit and noped out from around her. The 12 year old flower girl whipped out her phone and snapped a few photos much to our amusement.

    This is already super long, but I will say that MIL went home and changed (only 20 min from venue) into a nice dark green too small and low cut dress. Because of this she missed all of the photos. Wedding was beautiful; I got death glares from everyone she told that I attacked her with wine. No f**ks were given as I drank and danced with friends. Bride thanked me in secret and 3 months later took me to the spa for a day of pampering.  

  • 'Secretly Invited A Very Large Number Of People'

    Posted by Redditor u/HoneyPiSquared:

    First wedding. We said we just wanted something small...no groomsmen, no bridesmaids, no flower girls, no ring bearers...just family to watch us take vows.

    My mother-in-law went behind our backs and secretly invited a very large number of people including old school friends of mine that she didn't even know. This was before social media, so tracking them down took actual effort. I walked into something I thought would be deeply personal and intimate and immediately realized that we were now going to be the center of attention for a crowd. We hadn't intended on having that type of wedding, so we didn't even have a traditional reception planned, which made us look like terrible hosts.

  • 'My Son Will Do As I Please'

    Posted by Redditor u/savageexplosive:

    Not sure if this fits here but I had a call from a woman whose son was getting married, and upon discussing a meeting to sign the contract I asked her whether she will come with the couple.

    "Oh, not exactly. It will be just me."

    "I'd love to hear what the couple wants."

    "They don't want anything. My son will do as I please."

    "And what about the bride?"

    "She will do what my son tells her to do, and he will do as I please."

    I chose to decline and suggested they looked for another photographer.