The Most Overblown Single Issues That Single Issue Voters Vote on

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Vote up the single issues in politics you think receive too much attention.

Single issue voting is something that people in the 21st century are far too comfortable with. Single issue politics get us nowhere in terms of a better and more responsible global community, and voting for one thing, or holding out your vote because there isn’t a candidate talking about your pet subject, can actually work against your cause in the long run. To examine the types of single issues voters pay too much attention to, keep reading and think about the issues that you can’t stop focusing on.

Because life is unfair, there are some important social issues that are barely acknowledged in our current political landscape, while there are a few single issue groups with too much sway. In their case, the squeakiest wheels get the grease, but are those squeaky wheels dragging down the democratic system? Or by focusing on those single issues are we ensuring that they’re taken care of and we can move on to the next issue in the following election cycle? Unfortunately it’s more of the former than the latter, and we want to know what single issues you think taking up too much of the focus.

Vote up the single issues in politics that people pay too much attention to. 

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  • Abortion
    417 votes


  • The War on Drugs
    364 votes

    The War on Drugs

  • Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood
    399 votes

    Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood

  • Gun Control
    397 votes

    Gun Control

  • GMOS in Food
    333 votes

    GMOS in Food

  • Increasing Military Spending
    329 votes

    Increasing Military Spending