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Olympians You're Shocked Aren't Doing Better in the Rio Games

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List RulesVote up the much-hyped athletes you're surprised aren't living up to the hype at the Rio Olympics.

Top athletes from around the world are competing hard and strong at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio. Many great Olympians are making their home countries proud bringing in gold medals and acclaim. Others, meanwhile, are shaping up to be victims of their own promise, even if they're still earning medals. These are the overhyped Rio Olympics athletes.

Make no mistake, they're all high-caliber competitors, but some of these disappointing athletes at the 2016 Olympics were expected to do better. With either past victories in previous Olympic appearances or pundits predicting great things, there are some athletes that just aren't living up to expectations. That's not their fault, but it's still surprising. It's hard to shake the feeling that some of these folks could be winning more than a bronze or silver. Others just are making too many errors or have bungled their performances.

No reasonable person is mad or sad about it, but some fans are definitely disappointed. So it's with that in mind that you should take a look and vote up the 2016 Olympians you're shocked haven't performed more competitively.