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21 Overlooked Fox Kids Programs

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Fox Kids TV shows helped make your day less boring as a kid. Launched on September 8, 1990, Fox Kids delivered the best in live-action and animated programs. During its run, '90s Fox Kids shows such as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Tiny Toon Adventures, and Goosebumps helped it become a juggernaut in kids' programming until its end on September 7, 2002.

While a handful of shows got praise, other series were left in the cold. When it comes to casual talks about old children's shows, these series rarely get a reaction upon being mentioned. Let's look at some old Fox Kids shows worth dusting off again for another view.

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    Months after the release of 1998's Godzilla, Fox Kids continued the adventure with Godzilla: The Series. Michael Lerner, Malcolm Danare, and Kevin Dunn were on hand to reprise their film roles for the cartoon.

    While the series was an astonishing delivery of the iconic character, the show was pushed to the side for Digimon marathons. Fans couldn't properly watch the series because of its everchanging time slot. Out of 40 produced episodes, only 38 aired on Fox Kids.

    • Actors: Ian Ziering, Malcolm Danare, Rino Romano
    • Premiered: 1998
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    Beast Machines: Transformers

    Photo: Fox Kids

    Beast Machines: Transformers picked up where Beast Wars left off upon its arrival in 1999. The show follows the Maximals' struggle to stop Megatron from obliterating Cybertron.

    One major difference between Beast Machines and Beast Wars is the writing staff. Beast Machines only featured one writer from Beast Wars, which led some fans to feel upset with its storytelling. Overall, the 26-episode series still scratches the Transformers itch today.

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      Droopy, Master Detective

      Photo: Fox Kids

      Created as a spinoff of Tom & Jerry Kids, the series Droopy, Master Detective finds Droopy and his son, Dripple, solving cases together. Droopy's demeanor made him the perfect candidate for a detective.

      The 13-episode series, which arrived during fall 1993, featured the return of Screwball Squirrel, who hasn't been seen since the 1946 cartoon Lonesome Lenny

      • Actors: Charles Adler, William Callaway, Teresa Ganzel
      • Premiered: 1993
    • Photo: Fox Kids

      Over 35 years after their Marvel Comics debut, the Avengers finally had their own cartoon series. The Avengers: United They Stand debuted in 1999, and there was a ton of promise. With the programming block's recent success with Spider-Man and X-Men, everyone expected another hit.

      Unfortunately, the series didn't click with Marvel fans at the time. With the roster being based on the West Coast Avengers, major players such as Iron Man and Captain America only made brief appearances. As expected, this led to some criticism. Nowadays, many see this as a decent portrayal of the popular superhero team.

      • Actors: John Stocker, Ron Rubin, Lenore Zann, Linda Ballantyne, Martin Roach
      • Premiered: October 30, 1999