Weird History The 10 Most Overlooked Women In History  

Mick Jacobs

Womens' influence upon history is often forgotten or pushed to the margins to make room for the same old men. To give the leading ladies of history a little more recognition for their contributions, the video below delves into the most overlooked women of history.

For one reason or another (mostly sexist ones), these women of history never achieved the same renown as many other male historical figures. Now you get the chance to learn about them and their groundbreaking accomplishments.

Journalists, performers, scientists, and revolutionaries all receive their due appreciation, appreciation that history continues to deny them. As you learn about these extraordinary women, you'll see that history does itself a disservice by failing to acknowledge those who helped create change.

Check out the video below to learn a little more about the most overlooked women from history. Hopefully if enough people teach themselves about these women, history books and schools can start teaching their legacies to students.