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17 Anime Where All The Characters Are Way Too Emotional

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Anime with overly emotional characters can be a deal breaker for some viewers. Their overreactions are either pure entertainment or pure irritation. However, anime drama queens can be found in all anime genres, from action and adventure to slice-of-life. Sometimes entire casts can be so emotional that you can't fathom how they even function, and other times it just takes one crazy character to make them all seem a little wacky.

The anime on this list have some of the most teary-eyed, over-the-top angry, and even downright insane characters in the history of animation. Most of these antics wouldn’t slide in real life, and would likely elicit looks of horror and confusion. The overly emotional characters and their reactions don’t take away from the series they're in, however, and in many cases they provide the best comedy. Regardless, it's a trope that doesn’t sit well with everyone. However it sits with you, these series are still worth checking out just to see what all the fuss is all about.   

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